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I am Tara Mary Moore “nice to meet you”.

I created this site as I am so ultimately zealous about bringing the “WOO” back in to romance .
I have an amazing ability and the know how to talk to services,  suppliers , event professionals, entertainers and venues, so I thought to myself that I should share my knowledge and do all the running around to make your romantic dream a reality.
A romantic date, a forgiveness date, an engagement, a civil ceremony, assisting in planning your wedding, a renewal of vows.
I’ll do all the running around without you enduring the hard-selling and pushy marketing tactics, providing a great value for money and giving my clients a stress free event that they deserve.

This is my story….

Diffuse Axonal Injury, the unknown disability:

I have created www.wooingandevents.co.uk hoping to obtain some mental stimulation…

I used to live in Spain, it was legal there to drive a 50cc motorcycle at 14.                                      
On October 26, 1999 my whole life collapsed. I had been to school as normal, I finished my homework and I went to the local hang out to see some friends before the family’s evening meal, on the way back home at about 19:45 everything went black, I say that because to this day I cannot remember what happened. I have been told that I was riding quite normally and correctly up a fairly busy road when a small van coming in the opposite direction suddenly turned straight in front of me, crashing into my motorcycle, shooting me over the top of said motorcycle, into the vans bonnet and on to the road the other side of the van. 
It was that first impulse of my head that shuck my brain so violently that literally killed me.                                                                                                                                                                                   The left side of my brain couldn’t communicate with the right side, so it thought I was dead and shut all my organs down.
I was in a coma for the following five and a half weeks and I was in a Glasgow scale of 8.

I also broke my right femur, that came out of the skin, next to my knee, my jaw and my nose repaired well on their own as I was in a coma and did not move.

My Story

After some time, I was allowed home, they had to put cushions in the wheelchair to keep me sitting up straight.
I was dribbling and wearing nappies for 18 months and then I managed to amaze everyone by getting myself up and on to a Zimmer frame, (Even though it took me ten minutes to walk ten yards.), I had to relearn to project my voice too,” I have dysarthria in my speech due to the affects on my vocal chords “, but  I was determined to get even better.

When I was twenty two, I had no where near recovered as much as I have today but I was well enough for a part time job.
A council in Spain told me to stay at home and live from my compensation as I would never get a job. I would have no life at all if I had stayed there.

I moved back to England/East Sussex at 28, I am now highly qualified, (I even have a qualification in fitness.) but red tape, health and safety and/or my impairments wont let me work in many jobs and the jobs that severely disabled people are given, I am not physically able to achieve.
(My disability is that I can NOT achieve anything people take for granted. I am significantly impaired.)
I have bought a house that I rent to earn an income as my Personal Independence Payments goes towards the more expensive items that help me live independently and my house bills, but what do I do all day? Everyone my age are all working…

Tara Today

I decided to help bring back the “WOO” in romance, I endeavour to go the extra mile for people but at the end of the day, I am also a very intelligent business woman and this is a serious business.

The unknown (Killer) disability:
Diffuse Axonal Injury is what happened to me.
 When acceleration or deceleration causes the brain to move within the skull, axons, the parts of the nerve cells that allow neurones to send messages between them, are disrupted. As tissue slides over tissue, a shearing injury occurs. This causes the lesions that are responsible for unconsciousness, as well as the vegetative state that occurs after a severe head injury.

A diffuse axonal injury also causes brain cells to die, which cause swelling in the brain. This increased pressure in the brain can cause decreased blood flow to the brain, as well as additional injury. The shearing can also release chemicals which can contribute to additional brain injury.

Immediate disconnection of axons could be observed in severe brain injury, but the major damage of DAI is delayed secondary axon disconnections slowly developed over an extended time course… 

I am one of the 10% that survive the severity of my brain injury.

 The outcome is frequently coma (A 10 day coma is difficult to say in what state you will come out in or even if you will regain consciousness ever again) with over 90% of patients with severe DAI never regaining consciousness. Those who do wake up often remain significantly impaired.                                              

I am so determined and such a fighter, I ignored all pessimistic comments and discrimination, joined a fitness gym because I needed muscle to protect my bones as I used to fall over such a lot and I used to do 3000 sit-ups a day as having a strong core enables me to stand.

I also have a severe shake on my right side (mainly my arm and hand that gets worse when ever I attempt to do anything.) a slower weaker semi paralysed left side and many other annoying impairments.

I am impaired  in many ways but empowered in more, because I have plenty of attitude allowing me to ignore all the masses and forced myself to do what they said I wouldn’t be able to, I have now gone on to do what not many severe DAI survivors in the world have been able to do, probably because most are dead or significantly impaired, which I am but I just got on with it.

Please donate to Brain research U.K, no one understands the brain, no one understands a brain injury or a neurological condition, impairments and disorders are also misunderstood…                                People’s brain cells die slowly as they age, it does not need to be a blow to the head or a shake of the brain such as mine for them to die. Memory loss, confusion, concentration, personalities, neurological, physical, etc… Even depression, anxiety, loneliness, negativity…                                                                                                                                                                                                            I have always been a very positive sporty child with my own self healing powers, health and fitness helps most but understanding and prevention + curing is better.

Help Brain research U.K find that out, that is my plea.





Click here to donate to Brain Research U.K

It is quite possible that I may be the only severe DAI survivor in the world to have attained a fitness qualification since suffering the injury and as I can not get a job in a gym, I volunteer chair fitness classes in retirement housing, Tara’s all abilities chair fitness class… because the illness of inactivity is the biggest killer out. My class has been recognised by gp’s and are improving lives.                                  Which I have won joint runner up volunteer of the year in my village and I also volunteer on many other projects too.

#Volunteer awards, joint runner up 2018, chair fitness, me, Tara Mary Moore, Wooing and Events.

#Volunteer awards, joint runner up, mayor, SCDA, chair fitness classes, illness of inactivity is the worst killer out, about me, Tara Mary Moore, Wooing and Events.

Adversity, autobiography, motivational, inspirational, determination, Diffuse Axonal Injury, brain Injury, survivors, strong will.

My autobiography, could help psychologists, survivors, people in general, associations, assessors… post by Tara Mary Moore on www.wooingandevents.co.uk

Paperback and kindle are now available:
https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1072633019?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 -paperback…



I booked the following photo shoot to symbolise a new phase in life, many women have one when they are pregnant to symbolise their new phase, I chose to symbolise my freedom, this shoot was exactly 7 days post operation, now do you understand how I was able to not stay dead after that traffic accident?

Hoping to give talks to student doctors and nurses via the NHS as a way to thank them as it is one less worry I have to deal with and I also suffer with acute repetitive acute stress which could have caused cancer.

7 days post hysterectomy photo shoot, symbolises a new phase in life.

Tara Mary Moore, Preston Park, Brighton, photo’s by Magdalena Smolarska, wearing Ted Baker, a shoot to symbolise a new phase in life, 7 days post hysterectomy, #positivity #health #fitness #water #determination #meditation wooingandevents.

7 days post hysterectomy photo shoot, symbolises a new phase in life.

Tara Mary Moore, Preston Park, Brighton, photo’s by Magdalena Smolarska, wearing Ted Baker, a shoot to symbolise a new phase in life, 7 days post hysterectomy, #positivity #health #fitness #water #determination #meditation wooingandevents.

7 days post hysterectomy photo shoot, symbolises a new phase in life.

Tara Mary Moore, Preston Park, Brighton, photo’s by Magdalena Smolarska, wearing Ted Baker, a shoot to symbolise a new phase in life, 7 days post hysterectomy, #positivity #health #fitness #water #determination #meditation wooingandevents.


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