Life experiences.

The new Dalai-Lama, not a black or white answer.

My type of brain injury does not have a black or white answer plus I had suffered it in 1999 when the cohort study of it had only been made in 2013.

I never failed, I just died and was born again with shaken baby syndrome in adults, cerebral palsy type thing, significantly physically impaired. I was born again with spastic due to T.B.I (Traumatic Brain Injury) on my medical papers and I also have severe Diffuse Axonal Injury on them.

So, that forced failure taught me to believe in myself and how to ignore the masses, even some doctors and then enabled me to step into the unknown.

There isn’t a black or white answer in life, if you don’t like the answer you are given, you buckle down, listen to all opinions, work hard, become devious, don’t allow the masses to delude you, respect others and their possessions then learn to appreciate the little things in life… Live within your means!…

You must acquire some life experiences, stop getting defensive, let your wisdom grow and open your mind!

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A brain injury is like a fingerprint, even the exact same one belongs to a different person, stop pigeonholing us.

I understand what others can’t and I am also an exceptional unique circumstance in the world, not only am I 1 of the 10% to survive the most devastating brain injury there is but at the severity it was (coma of 5 and a half weeks at a gcs of 8), normally if people manage to survive that severity of that type of brain injury, they remain significantly impaired in a wheelchair or are intellectually disproportioned, but I have been able to regenerate brain cells plus use a different part of my brain and  #getonwithit.

Get a dose of my life and be happy, destroy your limiting beliefs…
My brain lost all filters so I can accept infinities and I understand plus accept what others can’t.       Because I was a zealous 14 year old at the time of my accident and I was very ambitious with a strong work ethic, I started a very strict regime and an unbelievable rehabilitation routine plus it was the final year of mandatory education, -so I had to finish what I started type thing.                                                       People can’t seem to comprehend that when the brain suffers an injury such as mine, bits of the patient brain are reborn, they now have a different normal and they have to lead their lives how ever they can.

It is 2020, beliefs have brought us wars, hurt, arguments, torture, pain, suffering, anxiety, hate, selfishness and so on plus power and money to the few that are deluding others.
People please, it’s 2020, we should all update your learnings, to do that correctly you’ll need good back to basics and earn some powerful wisdom.    

I strongly recommend you read my autobiography before reading this blog:

Ok, first of all I need to explain why I needed a ghostwriter to amend my autobiography when my blogs are so good. Because so many strange things happen to me, I  remember them quite disjointed as dwelling on them and remembering them in order takes up too much concentration and I need to concentrate so hard to just be able to do the things that the general human being takes for granted, I have also devised my own coping mechanisms which I cannot explain them in ways that general human beings understand because they take for granted what I used to before my accident and I had to learn by myself that there was in fact no black or white answer to my situation.                                      I wrote the whole book myself first, when my ghostwriter started disregarding my writings and copying what the website described Diffuse Axonal Injury as, I got a little upset because it made me out to be a liar. “how dare an able person tell a brain injury survivor how to live and feel.” What was written on the Internet was obviously by a very intelligent person that generalised things.

I had to learn about life very quickly and become qualified in many skills also nurture my knowledge just to devise my own ways of doing things, I need to tell people to just accept and move on because  you need to know the whole story and really know my impairments to appreciate  how I contradict what some are taught about life because they aren’t strong enough to accept that some things have no black or white answer and you need to know the whole story.

  • I have best of both , so this  is one of the reasons why I chose to write my autobiography, to give 20 years of experience in dealing and overcoming many adversities because, knowing what I know now, I could be a lot better if people had of just left me to it and not got involved or offended when I didn’t take their advice or picked, bullied or outcasted me when they got defensive because I didn’t take their advice and weren’t capable of understanding my different normal.

Anyway, it took my ghostwriter way longer than he expected, I am so thankful to him but I did have to setup meetings with my mother because he wouldn’t accept what I was saying to be correct. When I saw that he started disregarding my writings and copying what a website explained about my type of brain injury I asked him why, because he needed proof he said.                                                                                                             I was furious, I am the proof, all the proof that is needed to show that what the internet explains about severe Diffuse Axonal Injury is wrong, any media or company or political party will just use buzz words because when you explain things these days, people form opinions so it is easier to lie to people and delude them.

I ignored all the masses, stopped taking the medicine (my mother asked if it was ok for me to stop taking some of the medicine as soon as I left the hospital) and I am now stepping in to the unknown… Covid-19 is an unknown virus for example, Boris Johnson is treating his citizens as adults and gave some advice, he then changes that advice as soon as the top science advisers discover something new. If the citizens took a risk and booked a holiday somewhere and suddenly the rules changed… the 1st advice he gave was use your common sense. The virus has not disappeared, it is a risk/gamble, you can book but it is at your own peril.

[This is where I will add different blogs over the next couple of years to remind me of things to write in the second edition of Keep calm, as I am only 35 soon and 21 nearly in my different normal life plus I still amaze myself by how I am able to achieve things I keep achieving, I will want to make sure that the entire world knows about everyone of those things.]

– It says in my autobiography that when I give my  reasons to why I have difficulty or can’t achieve things, the general public think I’m full of excuses or that I am very repetitive and give sob stories to make people feel sorry.                                                                                                                

 No, they actually are reasons, every time I come in contact with a new person or as I have no obvious impairment and people forget I have quirks, I have to give them the whole story or remind people of it. 


The real truth is that I mirror certain aspects of every brain symptom there is, I have done a very unique thing in the world and am shining, I see and understand the subliminal so don’t rant about me to others just because you haven’t got the easy answer you were hoping for, why don’t you challenge yourself and learn about what they are saying without interrupting thus respecting them and their authority.

I have overcome many impossible adversities/disabilities, accept my answer as I cannot do things the way you want.





I am significantly physically impaired and they are all invisible, blog by Tara Mary Moore.

A card I can show to people who obfuscate my reasons with excuses.

– I see unjust, the subliminal things that the general public don’t need to think about but when I highlight them, they normally benefit people in charge, I can’t get other people to realise that my way of doing things would make it better for everyone as I have best of both worlds & look so young anyway!!! I have a tumultuous amount of common sense, logic & experience.                                               Oh and by the way, it has probably happened to me plus I have overcome things, I am proof that some professionals should update their learnings!

Final words: If you smile at someone on the street, they smile back and it continues. Smiling is infectious so before leaving your house in the morning, look at yourself in a mirror and practice smiling.