Part two of three: Australian twins.


My brother and I were born in Australia on the same day.- I am older by the way, 5minutes between us, get in! My name is Julie and his is Jamie.

My mother used to dress us the same, she would always get the two for one offers “I haven’t seen any photos of when I was a child wearing a dress.”
My brother and I we’re inseparable, he always stood up and spoke out for me as did I for him.
When we stumbled on to our teenage years, we started seeing life individually (yet we was never too far apart).
I bought one of my first dresses at fourteen whilst I was out with my friends.
After parading around the house in my new dress for hours looking at myself in a mirror , my brother had arrived home from football practice, so I made him  score me out of 10 as if I was in a modelling competition.
We used to meet up with our friends after school and go in to Melbourne to hang out at the Emporium shopping centre where I got scouted and was asked to a photo shoot, “I needed clothes, new lovely clothes, a whole new wardrobe in fact…”
We had a little family holiday in Bangkok as you can buy some really lovely, gorgeous bespoke items of clothing over there at a great value of money.
“Jim Thomson, the creator of silk was from there, wow, I just had to go and explore that.”
Jamie was happy to tag along as he got out of college and helped carry all my shopping (mum and dad kindly paid for all of that, thank gosh!).
We went back to Australia with all of my purchases (I had enough clothes to fill a clothing shop), my brother became quite protective of me when he saw all the dresses my mother allowed me to buy so I could build a stunning portfolio to show the model agency before having my professional shoot that was scheduled a bit before our seventeenth birthday.
Jamie had bought a throw away camera in Bangkok, learned about angles and shadows as he found an interest in photography and wanted to help me build a portfolio.

It was the morning of our birthdays, we woke up and ran upstairs (We lived in a top to bottom house, the lounge and kitchen was upstairs.)
It was the last birthday before we had to fend for ourselves, (I must admit, we both got spoiled that year) anyway, we ran upstairs and found our parents in the kitchen surrounded by gifts and three envelopes “two cards and a letter” the letter was from the agency saying that my face was just the one they were looking for with some train tickets to Perth…
Jamie’s gifts were a camera, camera gear, loads of chemicals for the photos to be developed in a dark room “my career had even helped Jamie find a new interest and a new career path.” and a months photography course in Perth.
My parents got me a set of suitcases, loads of makeup and some money…
I was going to embark on a new stage in life and my brother was to accompany me.

We were all packed and waiting at the train station, I had my three cases full with clothes and makeup andJamie had one “typical man” just a few T’s and his photography gear.
During the next few years in Perth, I was busy modelling and Jamie had built up his photo career, then I was sent to Singapore to become a full time model, Jamie insisted on coming with me as there many picturesque places over there that he wanted to snap, what a perfect excuse to keep a close eye on me.