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Life experiences.

The new Dalai-Lama, not a black or white answer.

My type of brain injury does not have a black or white answer plus I had suffered it in 1999 when the cohort study of it had only been made in 2013.

I never failed, I just died and was born again with shaken baby syndrome in adults, cerebral palsy type thing, significantly physically impaired. I was born again with spastic due to T.B.I (Traumatic Brain Injury) on my medical papers and I also have severe Diffuse Axonal Injury on them.

So, that forced failure taught me to believe in myself and how to ignore the masses, even some doctors and then enabled me to step into the unknown.

There isn’t a black or white answer in life, if you don’t like the answer you are given, you buckle down, listen to all opinions, work hard, become devious, don’t allow the masses to delude you, respect others and their possessions then learn to appreciate the little things in life… Live within your means!…

You must acquire some life experiences, stop getting defensive, let your wisdom grow and open your mind!

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