Can’t stand the rain against my window.

Splash, splash went the rain against my window, summer rain and I can not sleep.


Human beings should learn to appreciate the small planet that we have been allocated.

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone!

Marvellous, Mother Nature has never ending and ravishing unspoilt skies, divine symphonies tweet the birds, flowers are pretty gifts and keep busy bees working all day.

Why are people so angry and greedy, why do they focus on misery, why are we destroying happiness, the fruits of life, the pulchritudinous scenery that gives so much joy.

People are scared of infinities, they are scared of what they can’t comprehend, they fear unlimited happiness and kindness, they destroy what they fear (Why don’t they destroy themselves, no one understands the brain.)

The brain is marvellous, ethereal, strange, makes people unique and weird.

Fabulous, we are all so different, another fruit of life, a flower, a being.

When the brain shuts down, the person, the love they hold, their experiences, their wisdom has gone.

People born with an irreparable defect can’t learn but people that already have accumulated so much knowledge and lose their coordination and balance “a part of the brain has shut down and becomes unusable” then practice makes perfect. The brain has unseen powers, it can teach dormant spaces how to achieve the work that the now unusable space used to fulfill.

Be healthy, be happy, consider how lucky you are to be present…

Make it last, keep yourself fit and healthy, be happy and learn to love and love the weird, the differences that make us unique.

Open your mind to what is, the mysteries around you, knowledge is power.

I have enhanced hearing and yet I have learned to love the rain against my window.

Be positive, what you put in you’ll get out, find that thing that motivates you, if it’s worth it, you will find a way.

Learn to woo, fall in love with life, learn to woo your self, there are no limits within happiness, make your own destiny, choose your own fate, no one is perfect and will face consequences and will deal with karma.

Everything happens for a reason, believe in that, the alternative is hate.