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The following is a campaign organised in Mallorca Spain:

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This Covid-19 campaign should be in uk too but people are too diplomatic and get offended to easily, well I get offended that a few people aren’t taking this virus seriously so it needs to be made public to make people realise that the rules are in place for a reason, Boris has been treating us as adults thus allowing us to use common sense, he has had to make the rules more rigorous to give the police the right to stop people taking advantage, the few are ruining it for us again.
This is one of my messages on my contacts post to a friend of his:
Darling, I am not going to argue.
Youths are stronger so are not getting so ill from it but they are spreading it and keeping the virus proliferant, end of.
Listen, I am former campaign manager for Brexit, I have applied to be Boris Johnson’s spokes person, I died at 14 after miraculously surviving the most devastating brain injury there is, I’m very unique in the world to have overcome as much as I have after the severity of Diffuse Axonal injury I sustained…
I am an author too.
And you are moaning because for a bit of your life you are unable to not go out for a bit?
🤷🏻‍♀️ the longer you do, the longer the pandemic will thrive, so from all the intelligent people, thank you you selfish person.


Covid 19 campaign made in Mallorca.

Picture one: Listening to a dj can kill you, youths between 15 and 29 aren the most contagious people, follow the 3 main rules to keep safe: Wash your hands, maintain distance or wear a mask wherever distances aren’t possible. Picture 2: Your next rave could be in a morgue. picture 4: Your next selfie could be of you in a hospital with pipes up your nose surrounded by doctors.