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To love is knowing how to love your self!

By fitness, I do not mean being like this            , however, if your goal is to compete in IFBB, by all means, go for it, there are loads of diet tips and work out ideas on specific websites, GO FOR IT! 

I myself am a fully qualified fitness instructor, I’ve been working out in gyms since I was 18 (14years), I then started dieting and training to compete in fitness figure, realising that it wasn’t for me so I have now become a qualified fitness instructor.

I suffered a severe traffic accident, leaving the left side of my body semi paralysed, forcing me to give up training to compete as my left side would never tone  as much as my right side, so there was just no point in trying to compete, plus the diet was just a bit to strict for my liking, but I am very glad I tried as I needed muscles to protect my bones as I used to fall over quite a bit and gaining core muscles helped my balance plus I was moving my left side easier…  

The first thing you need to do is determine what body type you actually are: ENDOMORPH, ECTOMORPH or MESOMORPH, once you do that, search the web for the ideal training programmes and diets there are to achieve the goal you desire, but if you just want to be healthy, fit, beat depression, help overcome adversity, if your wedding is approaching… Have a read and a laugh with me because this blog may actually be what you are looking for.

For a healthy feel free fit life, do the obvious, start walking “men also”, choose stairs instead of lifts, don’t start cycling if you need to get rid of some weight as when you’re sat on the bike, the fat gets pushed up and turned into muscle, that also goes for lunges and weights. You need to do cardio, stretches, fast repetitive movements, basically anything that makes you sweat. 

Try to drink three litres of water a day (Cups of tea don’t count, the caffeine is energy and if not used it gets stored and turns to carbs” they are harder to shift”, plus sugar and milk), try a green or mint tea, it’s a natural fat burner. If possible get your self a Nutribullet or an everyday blender and have a veggie blend or two a day at 11:00 and 17:00 “That’s another fat burning trick I’ve picked up” and eat healthy meats with wholemeal rice, wholemeal pasta and/or wholemeal bread at 08:00, 14:00 & 20:00, before your healthy breakfast, start by drinking a Benecol/Danacol and after your last meal you should try Benecol/Danacol yoghurts as a dessert “after about six weeks they start lowering cholesterol” and go to bed early so you get a full eight hour restful sleep.

A simple tip, after everything that you eat, clean your teeth, it gets rid of the previous taste and stops you craving for more.

Remember this, a little bit of anything does you good, but keep in mind that 70% of weight loss is due to making fundamental dietary changes and 30% comes from exercise, I was in a wheelchair… Health and fitness really helped me.

Now smile and learn to laugh at your self, open your mind, don’t drink too much alcohol and take a breath of fresh air from time to time.

My green tea and that evil looking drink is actually quite nice, fresh, really healthy and a natural medicine…

I have made this one with kale, broccoli, spinach, ginger, leeks and a banana.

A good tip is to buy frozen fruit and frozen vegetables as they last longer and they are already cut up, perfect for people like me who find it highly dangerous to cut things up.