Herbalife: Personal experience + purchase link.

This is about my personal experience…


Ok, if you have read the My story link on the about and contact tab, you will know that I have not had it easy.                                                                                                                                                                              Although I did not start using Herbalife to get better, I am now so glad that my friend introduced me to Herbalife nutrition, you see, it is a very easy and tasty way to get healthy then stay healthy, enthusiastic and motivated to keep fit. If I didn’t keep fit I would not have recovered as much as I have today. Training everyday can be daunting and eating healthy when you are a mother, a father, business man/woman, an athlete trying to improve them selves or just someone trying to manage their weight (losing it, gaining muscle, controlling it, wanting a healthy snack…) then Herbalife is for you.

Managing your weight correctly is 70% down to making slight dietary changes and 30% comes from exercise.

I am a qualified fitness instructor now but you do not need a qualification to know all of this, click on my Herbalife link where you can obtain useful information, recipes, diets to follow and feel free to order your products to start the journey to becoming the healthier you, there are some amazing flavours too, so your taste buds will not endure “the normal” yucky taste of healthy foods.

Handy for the youngsters too, they will never know you are serving them healthy foods, you can also warm it up like a hot chocolate and if you are feeling cheeky, why not mix it in a home baked cake.

You can  also jazz it up for a Saturday evening, I used frozen tropical fruit, tropical Herbalife, milk and four measurements of Prosecco, mmmmm delicious!

https://wooing.goherbalife.com/en-gb  or click on the image to be directed to my purchase link.

You can also buy shampoo, creams, energising products, but I can not give my honest opinion as I have not used them myself, but I know people that have and they are extremely happy with the results.


Herbalife Nutrition, easy health, tasty health, Tara Mary Moore.

Herbalife nutrition, health, tasty, easy, quick, manage weight, by Tara Mary Moore, Wooing and Events.