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Life Coaching

If you have read the story about me hopefully you will know that I have what it takes to be a great life coach.
I have spent many years having a “different normal” life and I will empower you to find your own solutions
instead of sympathising and agreeing with you. 
Hey, life is a roller coaster,
as soon as you accept that and learn to laugh at yourself you will begin to understand what life is.
I Tara Mary Moore declare that I am a qualified Life Coach with a good work ethic, I am not a trained counsellor that provides therapy, I will analyse and close the gap between reality and your dreams, setting goals when possible.
My one to one sessions can cost from £150 to £500 per hour, media platforms at £50 per hour.
Professional boundaries will be respected, there will be absolutely no calls or emails at out of office times unless arranged previously and breach of this contract may result in legal action.
I endeavour to try motivating you, inspiring you, making you feel more positive, I can discuss wellness and wellbeing plus I can try helping you defeat those limiting beliefs whilst staying true to your core values.

Tara Mary More - Life Coaching Certification


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Blog:  The following e.mail I sent is what inspired me to take the life coaching course and I am currently taking a psychology course too.

Subject: Had to get this out, bottling it up takes away from my concentration!

Dear mr ?

As I have the most devastating brain injury out and it is a miracle I am even alive, the doctors used to shine a light for the eyes to react & there was nothing, I Was practically dead, my brain injury mirrors every mental symptom there is because it is the whole brain that has been affected :

One of the challenges of dealing with a Diffuse Axonal Brain injury is that these injuries can have different effects that mirror the symptoms of other brain injury types. Specific symptoms may vary greatly depending on which areas of the brain are affected, injury severity, your overall health, the treatment you receive, and many other factors that even specialist doctors don’t fully understand.

This can make it hard to diagnose the brain injury as being a diffuse axonal brain injury or pinpoint specific symptoms. So, a doctor will not typically diagnose a diffuse axonal brain injury without first getting detailed neural imaging of the injury to identify brain lesions.

However, even neural imaging doesn’t always reveal brain lesions on the first try, so it may take repeated imaging scans to fully identify these particular kinds of brain injuries.

Mine was severe, I was never put on a respirator but for three weeks, the doctors moved light in my eyes & there was no movement whatsoever, I remained in a GSC 8 for 5&half weeks.

As I need to solely concentrate on one thing at a time to be able to do them right I have to get all this off my chest enabling me to remember other things…

I accepted you had issues, I even went out of my way buying cushions, food etc to make my house a warm comfortable environment to get to know my new friend in.

The only reason I allowed you to lose it in me was because I respected the fact that you had issues and I thought that by allowing you and trusting you as much would help you in the long run. (A selfless act).

Why when we met up the Saturday before you went away I relayed that I didn’t regret that because I felt safe with you.

My operation is quite a serious operation (Hysterectomy), when I asked you if you could come to mine and give me some company before my operation you said that you would love to & that you missed your cuddles I asked if you were sure & you confirmed , I was then elated…

I made a remarkable recovery, 19hours after my operation I was allowed home, two days after I was walking a couple of miles and so I wanted a bit of company and attention and about the 3rd night I was well enough , my mother was quite relieved that you was going to be with me for a while, until you messaged me cancelling 10 minutes before my mother was meant to pick you up, (in the message you said you was unwell) in my condition I did not need to catch anything, I was a bit hurt but I accepted that too, you then sent another message “ufff, I knew you would understand, I am pooped after today” (all he had done was being driven around by his work partner trying to sell a product).

Friends push themselves for each other and as my brother said, he didn’t understand why you wasn’t making more of an effort.

It’s better being with someone than being alone letting negativity float around you, I should know that.

That is why I chose to go to the emotional well-being course so that I could help you grow and be some kind of support also why I confide in you and wanted to take you to Wales as you said when we first got talking that you loved nature I then thought perhaps spending 8 days with my fam would bring you in to reality (kind of glad you’re not coming now as I don’t think you would’ve kept up with us) a 71 year old and a significantly impaired person, not disabled!!!

You want to be understood, for a starter HSP is a blood vessel condition and a highly sensitive person is a millennial persons excuse for their failures in life, life is a bitch get on with it! How do you think people lasted in wars?

It was not I who was comparing illnesses nor people, it was you using a menial excuse as a crutch. I suggest you stop taking cbd for 3 months and start a vitamin complex.

You say you want to be understood when you couldn’t even be bothered about upsetting someone as lovely as I am by 1st being defamatory and calling me a stalker and further more then saying I harass people…

When I sent you that book, I did it as a lovely gesture to make you smile and feel good knowing that you had met someone who was worthwhile.

(He should have enjoyed the little things in life, he’ll grow up one day and realise they were the big things)

As you don’t know that much about life and you have now offended & lost one of the most trustworthy and helpful person that wanted to be part of your life and help you succeed in attaining your life dreams, my advice to you is be very careful of who you trust.

I’d grow up before starting anything, a snowflake with limiting beliefs will never succeed in life!

Incidentally, you better not read my autobiography babe as it will give you nightmares…

The stress alone of putting up with my right side tremor would blow your mind, you try spending the hole day doing scissor movements with every finger, the little intricate things won’t b that easy. I am significantly impaired not disabled, that is also defamation.

Kindest regards, Tara Moore.