Become part of history, get married/hold your civil ceremony in Hastings museum.

Durbar hall,Hastings Museum & Art gallery, John’s Place, Bohemia rd., Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1ET…

Well, this is original and unique, unfortunately the capacity is not that grand, therefore it would only be suitable for the smaller events.

Council owned and is now perfectly accessible and suited to everyone’s needs as it was built in 1886 for a Colonial and Indian exhibition then donated to the museum in 1919 along with a select collection of world art objects, also used as receptions by the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII (If it’s good enough for royalty, chances are it is good enough for anyone.).                                                                                                

It consists of two floors and you will get to walk through the historic artefacts from the year 1066 plus the vaulted extravagant contemporary art that the museum holds.                                         The value of this venue is very reasonable but the registrar’s fee is separate via Hastings Town Hall and you will also get exclusive use of their incredible gardens with glamorous backdrops that Hastings has to offer.

As long as the confetti is biodegradable, it is allowed to be thrown outside, any event services and decorations are allowed on the inside and the beautiful stairs leading up to the upper level with beautiful stained glass windows is a perfect place to reflect on your life together and get over your nerves before walking down and finally meeting your life partner, there is also a lift and that will look as good on the day.

Wedding/Civil ceremony venue in Hastings, beautiful historic Durbar Hall, venue blog by www,, Tara Mary Moore.

Durbar hall in the Hastings museum and art gallery, Durbar hall, unique lovely classic wedding/ civil ceremony venue, blog by, Tara Mary Moore.

Come on, be a part of the community and unite with your life partner surrounded by meaningful art and use of a splendid grand piano.

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