Not a gym enthusiast? Worry no more…Slimming is easy.

Slimming down? We all know, (Should know.) that our health is based on 40% on your diet and 60% on your daily physical activity. But there is a simple and healthy way to manage your weight, especially when you are not exactly the gym enthusiast…

I am now a qualified fitness instructor with fifteen years experience of working out in gyms, the first year I spent training to compete in Fitness figure, I gave that up after realising that the left side of my body wouldn’t grow as I have severe Diffuse Axonal Injury and the left side of my body is semi paralysed … So I know what I am talking about.

You do not have to endure all of that to attain and keep the body you’ve always wanted, this goes to men also. (Just increase your protein intake to help your muscle mass grow more.) However, I strongly recommend frequent exercise as exercise cures most sins, even the smallest repetitive movements are better than non at all.

What if you don’t feel like working out, if you’re too busy, stressed out, have no motivation or simply can’t afford it, diets aren’t your thing and you love food. Look no further, head directly to to find out about their groups, memberships and their tasty -Freedom from hunger- diets. Give slimming world a try, instead of making you change your lifestyle to fit your diet, they ask you to choose what works for you.

They make sure you have all the recipes you need  and they’ll also make sure your whole family loves them too, they will support you and guide you till you reach your goals and from time to time, they do “check ups” to make sure that life changing step has not failed!

Last but not least, when you are celebrating your achievements, they also have a little chart to make sure you keep on track.

The Drink-O-Meter- And that informs you how many “treats” you are having with each type of drink. No rest for the wicked ;) .