Part three of three: I never got drunk in Singapore.

I was never drunk in Singapore, but I used to go to china town with my work colleagues. 

Four years later, I was working my way up to be head gardener at the Botanic gardens, I was also known as head bouquet arranger and my gardening book was about to be released. “I am really hoping my book does well so I can buy a nice home for when mum, dad, my two sisters and their fiancées come to visit.”

After my four days of living in luxury I had to move out of the Pan Pacific Orchard into shared accommodation, which wasn’t that bad but I would never be able to call it my home. (I am sure my dad had to reside in worse places during the war, so I will not complain.)                                                                  

Sharing accommodation with work colleagues was allowing me to get my priorities in order and they also taught me the “Singaporean” way.

 One day in spring, whilst I was caring for the dormant buds that erupt into shoots from the base of the pseudobulb on the Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher orchids, I looked up and saw my boss talking to the editor of “Female” Singapore’s leading fashion & beauty magazine, he called me over to take the editor and his team plus the three models and their entourage to the most adequate areas to take a shoot in.

I took them to the Heritage Orchid garden, the editor agreed on the area and the entourage followed with all the equipment, the models and photographers got straight to work.

A month later, my gardening book had been released, it was a best selling gardening book and it enabled me to buy a luxurious apartment at the Clift “it truly was spectacular” which I moved in three weeks later. Been as my parents could now stay with me, I invited my whole family over and my two sisters and their fiancées stayed at the Hotel Marina Bay Sands.

It was so nice to see them after all these years,we had to catch up so I took them all to Raffles hotel for lunch (After wowing them with what I had achieved and my luxurious apartment that I had just moved into.)

Whilst there, in walked the model and one of the photographers, I had to go over so I excused my self from the table, walked over to them and formally introduced myself and arranged to meet up with them half an hour later to enquire how the photo shoot was progressing in the gardens and I arranged drinks in the Long bar later in that evening.

Back in the Long bar sipping a Singapore Sling, they both walked in, hi John said Julie and Jamie, (John went in to the florist to arrange a bouquet when he took his family to see the Orchid gardens that afternoon.) John stood up and presented Julie with the flowers and ordered the drinks.

You’re both gorgeous looking people said John, Julie replied that she had been modelling for quite a bit and that the photographer was her twin, ahhhh amazing said John.

Julie asked about him and who the people he was with earlier were, John told them and explained that his parents were staying with him at his apartment in the Clift and the two women were his sisters and their fiancées.  WoW Jamie said, I didn’t realise gardeners earned that much to afford an apartment in the Clift. 

I’m John, author of that fast selling gardening book, ahhh they both sighed simultaneously. It was now late evening and the Slings kept coming, Julie really felt a connection with John and John kept looking over towards her.

They started discussing about how they got in to their careers, Jamie said he used to play football until Julie got scouted by an agency in Perth and he helped her with a portfolio then found an interest in photography, took a course in Perth and from there his career expanded so he followed his sister to Singapore and became head photographer at  Female magazine.

Then John asked Julie how it was all going and kept smiling and winking at her,Jamie expressed his interest in pretty sights and on-going fields with wild flowers… “They had so much in common”

Julie soon realised that when John smiled at her, he was actually smiling to the person next to her.