The Proud Country house as a Restaurant.

About the Restaurant at The Proud Country house at Stanmer Park, it is an outstanding place and a perfect wedding venue having exquisite canapés and cocktails plus a fabulous wedding breakfast, but the restaurant was quite disjointed and not up to the standards a place like that should have…

The service was polite and everything but when it came down to it, they did not have much of a clue.      No finger bowl or wet wipes were brought out with the rib starter, when we asked for things you would expect a superior venue like that  to have, the staff were not really sure what to do with themselves, maybe some staff training is in order.                                                                                                                      A child’s meal came out with the adults starters, it was taken back and when us adults had our main meal, what seemed to be the same burger was brought back warmed up (The child’s meal should always come out with the adults main meal, unless requested otherwise.) the food was not to a chef standards either, however the soup and salads were ok, but you can’t go wrong with them.                       It just did not leave us liking our lips.

They can not even blame our party size because I had booked our table in the restaurant  a month before, it was very hard to get the new spring menu as it was not ready, they gave us the ordinary individually priced menu and the birthday Victoria sponge that I had ordered and paid for the day before was rock hard and dry, even the Cosmopolitan cocktail was not as it should have been “we had an ex licensee in our party”, they were more interested in serving afternoon teas than actual food at lunch.

Was quite disappointed for my mother as it was a special birthday.

If they are as unorganised as this with a table of eight, what will they be like with a wedding party of sixty?