Salty seahorse, converted vintage horse box to an outside catering unit.

Salty Seahorse Catering.

Salty seahorse is a vintage horse box outside catering unit…

Well, well, well, this converted vintage horse box has not only been converted in to a kitchen, it has been converted in to an outside catering unit serving the most delicious snacks I have ever tasted from a kitchen on wheels but that could be because it is owned by a fantastic chef and hard worker. He opens from ten am every day.                                                                                                                                               Their halloumi chips for example are amazing!!! 

Salty seahorse catering unit on Seaford bay.

Eating the most delicious halloumi fries on Seaford beach, the Salty Seahorse converted vintage horse box as an outside catering unit.

My mother and I ate there this afternoon (A sunday afternoon stroll on the beach in comfortable clothes also weather ready) the weather was a bit miserable but we had jackets with hoods on, we ordered a coffee each been as it was a bit cool hoping that it would warm us up and as it only drizzled, we were fine, next time we will ask for the umbrellas to be put out… They also have blankets to lend their customers if they get cold while they are eating, wow these people impressed me with their customer service and with how welcoming and friendly they are.

They have the best view out as they are situated on Seaford’s beach so you have uninterrupted views of the beautiful channel sea, they have tables and benches to eat and drink on, the fries were so tasty, I think they were the nicest that I have ever tried, and the topping complimented the halloumi so well The added mint leaves just tantalized the taste buds even more…

The only complaint I had was that the biodegradable fork was not sharp enough to pick a chip up but as everything they have is recyclable, it was more than acceptable, thank you for a fabulous Sunday lunch!

Salty seahorse, the view from their tables and benches, eating in heaven.

The view whilst you are eating at the Salty seahorse, Seaford beach, tasty food, lovely people.

Salty seahorse, tasty snacks, on Seaford beach, converted vintage horse box.

Salty seahorse, on Seaford beach, good customer service, friendly people, tasty snacks, excellent view, dog treats are free.

They can also be hired out to an event, either contact them directly (Details are on the side of the horse box) or send an email and I will liaise for you.