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Shape your body at 3D Lipo Brighton.

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Well well well, isn’t this the best treatment out, as you know, my blogs and recommendations are accurate as I make sure I try it out and oh boy am I honest and brutal…

Well it worked after the first try, it improved my body shape and it spurred me on.

My first results, Brighton and Hove, 3D Lipo Brighton, 4 week cavitation course, blogby Tara Mary Moore, wooingandevents

The first go to improve my body shape at 3D Lipo Brighton, Brighton and Hove, cavitation, 4 week course, blog by Tara Mary Moore, wooingandevents.co .uk

Because I have been involved in fitness since I was 18 years old, I know to drink a hell of a lot of water to help fat dissolve quicker and I did just that, it did become quite annoying as I had to keep going to the toilet that evening but I knew it was working, that week I had lost 5kg, it also spurred me on and enabled me to think more positive about myself so I lost it far easier.


3D lipo Brighton, body shape, eases you into change positive results, very slightly, blog by Tara Mary Moore, www.wooingandevents.co.uk

3D lipo Brighton’s Facebook page recommendation, 15 years difference, saw more definition after first appointment, good for your body shape for a special occasion, blog by Tara Mary Moore, www.wooingandevents.co.uk

  My recommendation on their Facebook page, 3D Lipo Brighton, blog by Tara Mary Moore, wooingandevents.co.uk

I have now completed my course, not forgetting that christmas fell in the middle of it and that I am only human “I did find some of the weight I had lost” but the final results are 10 inches in total and I am currently at 6 kg less than I weighed before my first appointment.

They have just started using a new machine called 3D fit which you step into and it reads all your measurements and stats, I’ll also go back for my 3D facial, skin lightening and tightening which may also be needed just before a wedding or Romantic occasion and I will blog about that experience too.

Before first results at 3D lipo Brighton ,blog by Tara Mary Moore, www.wooingandevents.co.uk

Me before the treatment at 3D lipo Brighton, it melts fat cells and drinking lots of natural water facilitates weight loss, lost 5 inches after first try, blog by Tara Mary Moore, www.wooingandevents.co.uk


             It’s all a process, if you take advantage of this service you can achieve some amazing results,

             so it is a perfect remedy to shift those awkward inches to fit in those lovely outfits you have 

              at a wedding or Romantic occasion.


             (This just helps you fit into that perfect outfit for that Romantic occasion, I shall look forward to blogging about my experiences with the other treatments)

At the moment this service is non accessible but in the future if required, they may do a prepaid home visit service.