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For those whom have no idea who I am, I am the author of which 10% of the royalties will be donated to Brain Research U.K. as cell damage needs to be researched…
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You will have to purchase my book, it is very enlightening and thought provoking.
Long story short, when my mother and I realised we wouldn’t live a fulfilling life after living in Spain for an entirety of 25 years and me dying after suffering shaken baby syndrome in adults when I was 14 years old furthermore looking like a vegetable for 18 months in a wheelchair propped up by cushions dribbling in nappies and eating through a gastrostomy pipe after I was allowed out of the hospital, we returned to U.K 14 years after once we had tried and failed to #getonwithit because of bureaucracy…
I have compiled some very truthful, thought provoking blogs just as thought provoking as my book is only my book has been amended by a ghostwriter who started to disregard what I had written and was copying what the internet said about the subject as he wanted proof I finally made him realise that I was all the proof he needed, what the professionals say is wrong, people need to update their learnings.
-I voted leave as soon as the vote was announced, I, like Nigel Farage have plenty of experience with knowing what the United Kingdom is escaping from, I have also met a few other PPC’s from the Brexit party and they are all hard workers that have gone to universities but also lived in the real world plus war veterans and they really know their stuff.
-I was working ad/hoc for an establishment as a disability liaison for a year getting fantastic results, the gentleman who employed me saw the asset I would be, then after a year of doing a fantastic job the manager was changed to someone who studied his way to the position and could not see what a positive and unique experience I was giving the clients so he put me on to a different position without believing my reasons why I wouldn’t be able to achieve what the new team wanted me to achieve … long story but I think you get the point.
-I have sent thousands of letters and emails to many people in the know and different PM’s and the only answer I received was from Theresa May just before changes were made and impairments were allowed into work, except no one told the bosses and that change didn’t work for me.
The cognitive areas of my brain have not been affected so people confuse/obfuscate my reasons as being excuses.
-I also have difficulty getting volunteer roles but as I am highly qualified and not allowed a paid job the volunteer coordinators fight for me more.
As I volunteer on many events which some are about people with “different normals” not different “normal” and then I see their carers and others filling their heads with ideas from a normal functioning brain.
“Her brain hasn’t developed totally and she is being conditioned to be a victim. What is needed is someone to say well that is life get on with it, which is what I did.” 
  • my 71 year old mother says that the only thing she’ll regret if we don’t brake free is that she may not be around to say I told you so by the way.
-I saw an interview with Nigel Farage the other day and the question was why do we need the Brexit party now…
Well please allow me to explain, I now see life differently plus I have no filters in my brain, I suffered the injury at a young age and I was very mature with a good work ethic, all that has enabled me to get on with it and do a very unique thing and regenerate brain cells, “bare with me”.
The people who bought Thomas Cook said it too and the company will now do well as they are not managers, The Brexit party, although they have been to university, they have had many life experiences “mind blowing ones” and they share my and many other people’s opinions.
-Would you prefer a party to run the country to do what’s right by the book or look after their own interests whilst making themselves look good which technically will demean the country like the Union have been doing for ages, like what the people regularly do to me and pigeonhole me just to say they have helped or would you prefer a party that looks at the person not the qualifications, who sees the glass half full not half empty, who aren’t frightened of bureaucracy and wanted to make Britain be the competition that the union feared.
I think people have forgotten that it takes time to build good things, people are too comfortable with taking and accepting also moaning about it and agreeing on third hand opinions without finding out the truth.
Why recycle what went wrong in the past, learn from it and make a success of it, life isn’t a book, allow your wisdom to grow.
-I think it’s time for the United Kingdom to lead the way save Europe again by leading the way out of a corrupt Union not out of Europe!
Brexit party, the party that #getsonwith it and if you read my book you will understand why you need to be like that to reign in life.