Sophisticated entertainment for a valentines soirée.

It’s a special evening and you want it to be a sophisticated occasion, you become very anxious, you want to impress a very special someone and you don’t know where to start.
Here are some idyllic ideas to amaze a partner and show just how much they mean to you.
Whether it’s a first date, a marriage proposal, a valentines treat, a union of souls, a get together or any other celebratory occasion, we have the best romantic entertainment ideas out…

Operatic melody with a glass of complimentary champagne to “woo” your insignificant other “yes, that’s right, we need to bring wooing back!” and get them in the talking mood whilst looking deep into each others eyes and say the things that you’ve been wanting to say to them for some time but haven’t been in a romantic, sophisticated, setting as appropriate as this to say such meaningful things.


Remember, you want it to be sophisticated so try adding that much needed glory by requesting some harps to smooth the flow of your evening. Taking your partner by the hand and leading them to a sophisticated 5 course meal followed by some oysters as tonight is the perfect evening to share an aphrodisiac or two. 

Finishing the meal off with some strawberries and a sophisticated chocolate fountain. The milk chocolate and white chocolate give an outstanding end to a very tasteful meal.



A chance to dance and impress your significant other when you step in to the concert hall where Rick Astley will be there to serenade you and your significant other whilst singing with the backing sounds of Latin guitars. 


You could always take your significant other on a luxurious horse and carriage ride across the parks of London where you’ll be astonished by the amazing street lights shining on some beautiful fountains with some cherubs and cupids waiting to shoot their arrows as your significant other falls deeper in love and will remember this valentines for the rest of their lives.



A nice hotel room and spa would be nice, and the night does not have to end there.