The Star Inn, an olde English historic venue

For a lovely memorable, quaint, olde English styled lovely wedding, I strongly recommend this medieval historic venue…

Right people, I (the writer) felt inspired after leaving this place, the place is magnificent with plenty of old photos and ruins in the venue itself and around the fabulous little village of Alfriston. 

Although it is not very accessible for wheelchair users and a lift has not been installed due to it being a Grade II listed 13th century venue, also keeping to the theme and it’s originality of being a hostelry for pilgrims that journey to the beautiful village of Alfriston, it has the contemporary touches that add to it’s wow factor.

The hostel has  thirty seven rooms, each one has deep warm colours and fabrics, which means you will be able to sleep deeper allowing you to have better dreams about the happiness that you just witnessed at your loved one’s wedding at the Star Inn.

It’s an amazing venue for everyone, the children can imagine and act out that they was in some historic adventure in, the place is plenty big enough to get lost in, having a little library, perfect for your quiet time to chill and gather your thoughts.

in the big dining area where you can have it set out to your requirements and guest numbers, you will be amazed by the little touches around you and you will also be outstanded by the delectable tasting food and attentive delightful service there that you would think your day couldn’t get any better, until you retire to one of the two featured rooms.

It sits in the middle of a stunning historic little village and it has a large car park behind.