She followed the writing on the wall.

She was here, she was there, she was everywhere and realised she had to follow the writing on the wall.

She was a highfaluting business woman, her businesses were running from strength to strength, she was a high flyer, a mystery to many, but the people that knew her admired her.

She had to fight to get where she wanted “It was not easy.” and she did not care who she stepped on to get to where she wanted to go. 

She had been to university, attended plenty of courses, she spoke to all the right people in a very eloquent and polite way and she was heading right to the very top of the chain, after years of unlimited  scrupulous and diligent discrimination about her being a woman in a hard, crafty man’s world, she was admired by many.

She’d take her work with her and finish it at home, her own intuition was the special forward thinking type that could not be taught, only with wisdom could you acquire such a marvellous, self taught knowledge.

She kept receiving many propositions, of all types, marriage proposals, love poems, saucy requests, business deals, begging letters and they just made her ego grow, she wasn’t having non of it.

She received an invitation from a woman she hadn’t seen since she left school, it was to her wedding. “Everyone from school is either already married or getting married, am I missing out?”

She sent the RSPV card back straight away, she called the telephone number on the letter and arranged a coffee in a quaint little coffee shop next to the church the woman was getting married in, to have a chat and  catch up.” The woman volunteered in the sheltered home next to the church an she always spoke to the reverend there.”They each gave their life stories and got each others details, as she had to get back to work. 


The big day had arrived, all her school friends were there, the bride and groom looked outstanding and made the perfect couple, and the ceremony was breath taking.

All single ladies (she noticed two ladies that were already married) gathered around waiting for the bride to throw the bouquet, she had to get back to work and left “she had already said her good byes and had no need to catch the bouquet.

Off she went, she walked past the homeless shelter and the food bank that was at the other side of the church grounds, she decided to converse with the volunteers handing out food and asked for information about donating some money, they gave it to her and she ran to her car as she had to go to work.

This rather nice, happy go lucky gentle man walked through the gates as she was leaving, she got to the car and went to work with a donation pack. (She wouldn’t be able to volunteer any of her time but she could donate some money.) “hopefully I’ll bump in to that rather nice volunteer again” She thought.

A week later, she donated £500 to that sheltered home then took her iPad with her to the church  bench and spoke to the volunteers again, she bumped in to the pleasant gentleman again, got talking to him and asked him to lunch.

A couple of months had gone by and plenty of dates and finally she asked him why she only saw him with that one suit?

Ah, he replied, I knew this day would come, he added…

I only have this suit. Puzzled she was. 
I am no volunteer, I actually live there, I have no money so I also eat there, he said.

How could that be? how come you never told me this? she frantically asked.

You never asked he replied. I knew a highfaluting business woman like yourself wouldn’t ever consider going out with a homeless guy and I was enjoying the food you kept buying me. 

She was devastated and could not believe that her whole world was being turned up side down by this stranger she didn’t know at all.

She was at work one day, five months after and she really missed the feeling she got when she saw this pleasant gentleman.

She knew she had to risk it all because the writing was on the wall and knew that she had to visit the home again to see this pleasant gent.